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Castles of Spain and France
Segovia     Manzanares     Turegano     Aigues Mortes     Foix
Montsegur     Carcassonne     Tarascon     Beaucaire     Puivert
Alcazar, Segovia Alcazar, Segovia

Segovia, Spain - The Alcazar, built in the 12th century upon a Roman fortress ruin and later enlarged, is ringed by 10 semicircular turrets and overlooks the rivers Eresma & Clamores. Christopher Columbus met with King Ferdinand and Isabella in this castle.
Castillo de Manzanares

Manzanares, Spain - El Castillo de Manzanares, Northwest of Madrid, built in the 15th century after the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa.
Turegano Castillo de Turegano

Turegano, Spain - El Castillo de Turegano, Northwest of Segovia, built in the 15th century by Segovian bishops who fortified the church by surrounding it with turreted walls.
Aigues Mortes Aigues Mortes

Aigues Mortes in southern France is one of the finest examples of a fortified medieval city. Built for Louis IX before the crusade of 1248 it remained a wealthy city until the 14th century when canals to the mediteranian filled with sand.
Foix Castle of Foix

Foix was a fief of king Pedro II d'Aragon, which provided some protection from attack by the crusaders. Simon de Montfort made a daring advanced on this stronghold in 1210. Meeting stern resistance, Montfort burned a suburb of the town in 1214. The three towered castle (dating from the tenth-century) remains an impressive sight.
Montsegur Castle of Montsegur

Montsegur (Safe Mountain) in the French pyrennes, was built in 1204 by the Cathares (Pure People), and was the capital of their faith. In 1244 a crusade to wipe out the Cathares ended here after a 10 month siege and the burning of 200 believers. ( but their treasure escaped and has never been found).
Carcassonne Castle of Carcassone

Carcassone, France - The finest restored fortified town in France was continually built on from the 2nd century BC when it was a Roman outpost. It has seen Romans, Visigoths, Saracens, Franks, feudal Lords, and French Kings hold the town. Even the 'Black Prince' did not attack the fortress in his 1355 campaign during the Hundred Years' War.
Tarascon Castle of Tarascon

The Castle Of Tarascon, on the Rhone river in southern France, was the royal residence of the Anjou-Provencal dynasty. In the 16th century it became a prison. In 1794 during the Revolution many of Robespierre's partisans were thrown off the walls to their death.
Beaucaire Castle of Beaucaire

Beaucaire, in southern France, was built over the site of the Roman Ugernum and was later the Merovingian capital of Pagus Argenteus. The castle, which lasted seven centuries was destroyed in 1632 and was later restored.
Puivert Castle of Puivert

Puivert, in the French pyrennes, was another Cathar castle toped with a signal platform to communicate with Montsegur. During the Middle Ages it was the scene of the famous "Romantic Courts" made famous by the minstrels songs.
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