The Mandelbrot Set

Instructions: Wait until the Mandelbrot set is ready. To select a zoom area, click the mouse down and drag to select an area then let go of the mouse button. Keep doing this again and again. Mouse click without push brings the start area back.

Java Applet by Eckhard Roessel

Description: Every point gets a spectral color which is like the number of loops when the sequence

Zn = Zn-1 + c

Z is a complex number, n is the loop counter and c is the constant value of the point goes to infinity. All points which do not approach to infinity become black and are a part of the Mandelbrot set.

spectral colors

The so called 'Little Apple Man'

Benoit MandelbrotThis fractal was found 1976 by Benoit Mandelbrot. It is a symbol for the Chaos-Theory. The description of nature by mathematics became natural.

Eckhard Roessel 10/28/2000


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