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Digital Art These depictions of fractal art were created in Photoshop using Kai's Power Tools Fractal plug-in filter, plus a little manipulation in Photoshop and some added touches from Bryce, and Solar Cell.  By L. Carlock.

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Definition of a Fractal:
Fractals are geometric designs made up of basic patterns that are repeated at ever decreasing sizes. At each stage of division the pattern is a smaller version of the original. Fractals are not able to fill spaces and are described as having fractional dimensions. A researcher at IBM, Benoit Mandelbrot coined the term "fractal" after a study of the length of the coastline of Britain, to refer to objects that display increasing complexity when viewed more closely. Mandelbrot's 1982 book, "The Fractal Geometry of Nature", describes the fractal-like geometry of trees, rivers, coastlines, galaxy clusters, clouds, turbulence, etc. Scientific American magazine had a regular column written by A. K. Dewdney called "Computer Recreations" and in 1985 a column titled "The Mandelbrot Set" inspired computer programmers to write their own Mandelbrot programs which are generated using very simple alogrithms. The results are fantasticly detailed designs that can only be matched by nature itself. Home