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'Sugar Glider' Back

This is Violet, a 2-year-old female 'Sugar Glider'
A Sugar Glider is a small marsupial from the jungles of Australia and New Guinea. It's about the size of a hamster with a longer tail and a thin membrane from its wrist to its ankle so it can 'glide' from tree to tree, like a flying squirle. They like to eat the sweet sap from trees, thats why 'sugar" is in the name. They also eat insects, nuts, small lizards, and fruits. They are nocturnal, and try to stay as high as possible in trees. They live from 6 to 10 years. Caution, they do bite if you try to grab them, and they don't make good cuddly pets for kids. They are wild like a squirle but can be trained climb up to your shoulder, even sleep in your shirt pocket. You just can't hold them and pet them.